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The company aimed at providing the aviation industry with new, overhaul, repaired aircraft components, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction in time delivering of our high quality services in a professional manner, and at the most competitive prices.

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As we know , time and quality is the essence of aviation operation , we endeavour to come to the expectation of our valued customers through persevere and effort by ensuring in time delivering of right product at right place. ODS also supplies aircraft related material such as aircraft exterior and interior paints, specialty chemicals for aircraft products & engine maintenance & sanitary.

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We have capability to support all aircraft ie Airbus and Boeing families , ATR 42/72 212 including Bombardier Dash 8-100 including MD-83, Beechjet 400A , Hawker, Pilatus, King air, Premier-1A, Cessena citation CJ2, CE 525, Beech C 90 A, Hawaker 750, Augusta 109A, A119,Bell 407,Eurocopter, West land Augusta, MI-17, 172 for Aviation Tool,MRO,aircraft,airlines,aerospace company,aviation industry, aerospace, aircraft parts,aircraft tires,aerospace industries,aircraft spare parts

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Why is it so great?

Our vast experience has led to quality approvals and strong business partnerships with over nearly every major and regional air carrier as well as FBOs, and Distributors worldwide.

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Who We are ?

ODS Aerospace supports you with comprehensive product support from OEM /Stock/authorised Distributers/Reliable Venders and our in house Stock. Making ODS Aerospace your preferred aviation supply partner allows you.

Our Services

ODS aerospace highly experienced staff make it possible for customers with airplane-on-ground requirements (AOG requirements) or other critical needs to obtain their required aircraft parts quickly and ensure cost savings while.

Our Air Craft Products

ODS Aerospace supports you with comprehensive parts sourcing and Off the Shelf Items. Making ODS Aerospace Aviation your preferred aviation supply partner allows you to easily and efficiently manage the logistics of hundreds.

Purge Air

Purge Air

The is an intrinsically safe fuel tank entry system which allows safe entry into the hazardous environment of an aircraft’s fuel tank. As aircraft fuel tanks also contain vital ancillery equipment, access is often required in order to carry out inspection and maintenance programmes

The PurgeAir is proven to gain entry to an aircraft fuel tank within 1 hour.

When positioned alongside the aircraft the container forms the control centre for the operation.When entering and performing maintenance on an integral fuel tank, all fuel must be emptied from the tank and strict safety procedures must be followed. Fuel vapours must be purged from the tank and respiratory equipment must be used by the technician.

Key Benefits

  • Contains all the equipment required to quickly and safely enter an aircraft fuel tank
  • Gain entry to an aircraft fuel tank within 1 hour
  • Includes a completely self sufficient breathing air system which supports up to 4 users and can be supplied from a shop air supply.
  • Residual fuel removal can be completed in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours / overnight when gravity draining.
  • Trials have proven that multiple tanks can be vented at the same time with vapour levels being reduced to levels low enough for entry in under an hour.
  • The Jet-Vac Puddle system quickly removes any residual fuel around internal structures.
  • Can be configured to be powered by a single connection to the onsite hangar air supply.
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